Valentine's Day Lingerie You NEED

by Sara Jacalone

Valentine's Day is a time to get really sexy; step away from nude t-shirt bras and your seamless Skims attire and step into something seductive. Explore Expect Lace's most sultry pieces that will wow your valentine!

The Destinos collection by Spanish brand Bracli gives Victoria's Secret a run for their money. Each beautiful, lacy panty and bodysuit is adorned with a string of pearls meant to stimulate a woman's most intimate area. The best part: these pearls are detachable and become a toy for you and your partner to play with once the panties come off.


Want to make your partner say "oo la la"? Explore the Cosmic Dream collection by Atelier Amour, a French brand. Unique designs and sexy sheerness collaborate to make a top-notch Valentine's Day lingerie choice. Outfit yourself in the ouvert panty, triangle bra, and suspenders for maximum sex appeal. 

Red lingerie and Valentine's Day have always gone hand in hand, it's only right to point out Expect Lace's top scarlet shoptions. That is, options you can shop right on our site!

We're in love with the Amphrite bralette and panty set.

If you're looking to looking to tease your partner, give the Sydney Pearl Bodysuit a try. Another Bracli design, this spicy red one-piece forms a sexy bedroom look in a single step. Opt for the Sydney bralette and panty if you prefer a two-piece set.

As a top rated lingerie boutique in Philadelphia, we at Expect Lace curate a globally-sourced selection of quality lingerie. Consider our informed advice when picking out your Valentine's night look.




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