Intimate Devices 101

by Sara Jacalone

There are so many options to achieve sexual pleasure solo; keep reading to learn about the hottest women’s sex toys.

External stimulation is the newest craze in female masturbation. Similar to the iconic rose toy, the Womanizer Liberty is a suction toy for women, stands as a testament to the profound significance of clitoral stimulation. Designed with a fundamental truth in mind, the Liberty knows that for many women, clitoral pleasure is the key to unlocking unparalleled ecstasy.

A uniquely satisfying experience, Liberty focuses on the external erogenous zones for a completely non-penetrative climax. Looking for a spicy gift? This is one of the best toys for her.

Another clit stimulator selling quickly off our site is the We Vibe Melt. Discover the exciting sensation of pulsating waves of air gently massaging the clitoris. Using cutting-edge Pleasure Air Technology, We-Vibe Melt delivers blissful suction straight to the clitoris for intense, shuddering orgasms. This female pleasure device hosts a multitude of benefits; it’s waterproof, rechargeable, We-Connect app compatible, plus it slips in easily between partners for couples play.

The classic penetrative sex toy will never go out of style; find your zen with Le Wand's Crystal G Wand. It's an absolute sensation! From the moment it touches your skin, you'll be tantalized by the cooling sensation it delivers as it glides gently. if you've ever yearned for a mindful approach to pleasure with crystals, this simple toy is your answer. Not quite sure where to start? Each Crystal Wand comes complete with a guide that unlocks the secrets to mastering the art of enlightened pleasure.  

Crave’s Vesper Vibrator Necklace is a best-selling sensation at Expect Lace both in store and online. This elegant and innovative accessory combines style with sensuality. The Vesper’s discreet and chic design allows for wear as a fashionable necklace while serving a dual purpose—providing pleasure at a moment’s notice.


Lock the door and grab one of our suggested toys to get started on your independent journey towards the big O! 


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