A Men's Guide to Lingerie Shopping: Tips, Tricks, and Where to Start

by Ellie DiPaolo

Lingerie shopping can be a daunting task for anyone, especially for men navigating the world of women's intimate wear. Fear not! Expect Lace’s guide is tailored to make your shopping experience smooth and stress-free, offering valuable insights into where to start and how to find the perfect lingerie pieces for the woman in your life.

Start Simple: For beginners, we suggest selecting classic and comfortable pieces rather than diving into overly sexy or complicated styles. Opt for soft fabrics like cotton, satin, or silk and neutral colors like black, white, or nude.

Consider Comfort: Comfort is key when it comes to lingerie. Look for pieces that prioritize comfort without compromising style. Seamless bras, wireless bras, and bralettes are excellent options for everyday wear. 

Finding the Right Size: Sizing can be tricky, but don't let it deter you. If you're unsure about your partner's size, discreetly check the tags of her existing lingerie or enlist the help of a sales assistant. Keep in mind that sizes may vary between brands, so it's essential to double-check.

Pay Attention to Style Preferences: Take note of your partner's style preferences. Does she prefer lace or satin? Is she a fan of bold colors or classic hues? By paying attention to her tastes, you can select lingerie pieces that align with her style.

Seek Guidance: Don't hesitate to seek guidance from lingerie store assistants. They're knowledgeable about different styles, fabrics, and sizes, and can offer valuable recommendations based on your preferences and budget.

Explore Online Options: If traditional lingerie shopping feels overwhelming, consider exploring online options. Many online retailers offer detailed size guides, customer reviews, and hassle-free returns, making it easier to find the perfect lingerie from the comfort of your home.

Styles We Recommend:

Natori Avail Full Fit Convertible Bra


Only Hearts So Fine Lace Crop Cami


Natori Bliss Perfection Day Bra


Skarlett Blue Minx Lace Balconette Bra


Elomi Priya Bra

Lingerie shopping doesn't have to be intimidating, especially with the right guidance. By starting simple, prioritizing comfort, and making choices based on your partner’s style, you can navigate the world of lingerie with confidence. So go ahead, embrace the experience, and treat your partner to lingerie she'll love.

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